fut hair transplant dubai, abu dhabiFUT Hair Transplant, also known as strip method transplant, is the oldest hair restoration technique that has been around since mid 20th century. It is a surgical procedure where the surgeon removes a small strip of hair bearing sin from the back or either side of the scalp to obtain baldness-resistant grafts for plantation in the bald or thinning areas. Read on to know more about Follicular Unit Transplant in Dubai.

Who is a candidate?

Generally speaking, anyone bothered by thinning hair or hairless patches can benefit from FUT Hair Transplant, but there are certain requirements that you must fulfill to be an ideal candidate for Follicular Unit Transplant.

  • Donor hair supply: you must have sufficient supply of balding resistant donor hair to amply cover the balding thatch
  • Scalp laxity: sufficiently loose scalp is a must for strip method transplant, as a tight scalp does not allow cutting out a piece of skin.
  • Hair loss type: to benefit from FUT hair transplant, you must be suffering from permanent hair loss. Surgical hair restoration is not for temporary hair loss caused by cyclical hormonal imbalance.
  • Hair loss must have stopped: an ideal candidate is the one whose hair loss is not progressing. Doctors don’t recommend hair restoration while hair loss is still progressing, since it can lead to unnatural patterns.

What is the aim of FUT hair transplant?

The surgery simply aims at beautifying you by:

  • Restoring your restore lost hair
  • Planting maximum number of grafts in one session
  • Giving you the best results at an affordable cost

Are there different FUT techniques?

No, unlike the modern-day FUE hair transplant, the traditional strip harvesting does not involve any special technique. It’s a simple procedure in which the surgeon cuts a linear strip of hair-bearing scalp of skin from the scalp and dissects carefully under stereo microscope to obtain individual grafts for transplantation.

How to prepare for Follicular Unit Transplant?

Follow the tips below and stay assured that your surgery will be a big time success.

  • Stop taking blood thinning medicines such as aspirin, ibuprofen two to three weeks before the surgery
  • Say no to smoking at least three weeks before transplant
  • Alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks must be discontinued 3-5 days before surgery
  • Get the tests done and reports submitted 10-15 days prior to the transplant
  • Fill in prescriptions at least a week before the scheduled date of your FUT Hair Transplant

How the procedure is performed?

  • Preparing donor area: The surgeon begins by shaving and marking the donor area for strip cutting
  • Local anesthesia (donor site): To make the surgery painless, the surgeon administers local anesthesia to donor area before strip cutting
  • Cutting the strip: The surgeon carefully excises a linear strip of skin with baldness resistant hair from the back or side of the head, and then stitches the skin back.
  • Preparing grafts: The linear strip with thousands of follicles is carefully excised under a powerful microscope to separate grafts for transplantation
  • Local anesthesia again (recipient site): To keep it virtually painless, the surgeon administers local anesthesia again, this time to the recipient area
  • Preparing recipient site: The surgeon will craft tiny incisions in the entire recipient area, taking care of the direction of existing hair in the area
  • Graft insertion: the last step of the procedure is inserting the follicles into the incisions created in the recipient area

What to expect after FUT Hair Transplant?

  • Your scalp will remain sore and itchy for a couple of days
  • Start taking the prescribed antibiotics and painkillers immediately afterwards
  • Apply cold compression gently to relieve pain and swelling
  • Stay realistic, your hair are not going to grow the next week
  • The transplanted follicles will first shed hair before they grow back (shock loss)
  • Expect to wait for at least 3-4 months before noticing any traces of hair growth
  • It may take 12-16 months before you will be able to see full results

How to recover well after the surgery?

  • Do not wash scalp for at least 24 to 36 hours after transplant
  • Do not touch scalp unnecessarily or you may end up infecting newly planted follicles
  • Avoid blood thinners for another couple of weeks
  • Refrain from smoking for 2-3 weeks after FUT transplantation
  • Say no to alcoholic and caffeinated drinks for 3 to 5 days at least after surgery
  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure for at least 3-4 weeks
  • No picking, scrubbing or scratching is the key rule to quick, safe, uneventful recover

Benefits of FUT Hair Transplant:

  • It is affordable: The best thing about FUT hair transplant is its low cost and affordable nature. It is the least expensive among all hair restoration techniques
  • It gives natural and permanent results: Like any other hair transplant method, strip method transplant delivers natural and permanent results
  • It causes minimal damage to donor grafts: It is the safest graft harvesting technique that ensures minimal damage to the follicles
  • It allows maximum transplantation in a single session: Strip transplant makes graft harvesting easier, thus allowing transplantation of maximum number of grafts in a single session

How long the results will last?

As stated above, FUT Hair Transplant gives back lost hair permanently. If done properly and at the right time, results of Follicular Unit Transplant are going to last for the rest of your life!

Are your ready for FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

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