PRP Hair Loss Treatment in GulfLooking at the hair collected in your hair brush or your shower drain clogged with your silky smooth hair every morning can be distressing. Not only your hair but your confidence also goes down the drain. But a million dollar question is, if taking stress and just worrying can solve the problem? Obviously not! As soon as you notice abnormal hair shedding, seek a trichologist’s help to get it under control.

Most people believe that it is really hard to stop your hair from falling out. But that fact is that in this day of technology, there are a number of surgical and non-surgical hair fixing options available in UAE to help you overcome the condition. PRP hair loss treatment in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Gulf is the latest trend in non-surgical hair regrowth. It is used to treat a variety of hair loss conditions, including androgenic alopecia.

What is PRP hair loss therapy?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a yellowish fluid loaded with growth factors. It is separated from the patient’s blood by centrifuging it in a specially designed apparatus. The growth factors in PRP have amazing wound healing properties, which the surgeons have long been using to speed up recovery of patients after major surgeries. The same tissue repairing properties are used by hair transplant surgeons to strengthen androgenically miniaturized hair follicles.

Who is a candidate?

  • Anyone bothered by significant hair thinning and hair loss can benefit from PRP hair loss therapy.
  • Your hair loss must be mild to moderate.
  • You should not have hairless thatch.
  • There must be some signs of hair growth in the affected areas.
  • Your hair loss must not be due to skin infection.

How the procedure is performed:

  • It is a simple procedure that takes up to an hour for its completion.How PRP is performed
  • A support staff member will take your blood sample, enough to produce required amount of PRP.
  • The blood sample is centrifuged to separate PRP from other components of blood.
  • An artificially prepared growth factor is added to the PRP serum to further enhance its hair regrowth capability.
  • The mixture is carefully injected into the entire scalp, either manually or using a mesogun.
  • Special attention is paid to the areas prone to hair loss, including temporal region, hairline and the crown area.
  • PRP injection is followed by gentle scalp massage, to ensure even distribution of the conglomerate into the scalp.
  • Once done, you are free to get back to work or resume any other routine activity.

What to expect during and after PRP Treatment?

  • The scalp is numbed with topical anesthetic before injecting PRP mixture into it. This makes is a virtually painless procedure.
  • Expect some pain and discomfort post-treatment.
  • No special care is needed post-procedure.
  • It involves zero downtime. This means you can resume routine activities immediately afterwards.
  • Results of the treatment can be seen within 6 to 10 months and will last for up to 2 years.

Pre- and post-procedural care:

  • PRP Hair Loss therapy is a low-maintenance procedure that does not require any special preparation or post-procedural care.
  • Come to the clinic with washed head, free of any hair-styling products.
  • Avoid washing your scalp for 18 to 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Massaging scalp every couple of hours post-procedure can help enhance the results.
  • Do not expose your scalp to direct sunlight for at least a couple of weeks.

How many sessions will be needed?

Like all other non-surgical hair loss treatments in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Gulf countries, PRP treatment is also not a onetime procedure. Multiple sessions are needed to achieve desired results. Generally 5 to 6 sessions are enough to deliver desired results. Nevertheless, it can vary from person to person.

ACell/PRP Hair Loss Treatment:To further enhance the results of the treatment, doctors nowadays a using FDA approved ACell’s MatriStem technology with PRP. It not only helps strengthen androgenically miniaturized hair follicles but also helps fight the ill-effects of Dihydrotestosterone, the real culprit behind androgenic alopecia in men and women. If you are a man or woman and suffering from hair loss and looking for effective PRP Hair Loss treatment in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait then you can book your FREE Consultation with our Dubai Clinic today.