beard transplant for menA thick and lush beard is considered as a sign of masculinity for men. Though facial hair is a manly trait, not all men are blessed with bushy beards and thick mustaches. Most men fail to grow full beard naturally, for various reasons, genes being one of them. If you are also struggling with your beard’s fullness and thickness, it’s time to rejoice. With Beard Hair Transplant in Dubai, now you can get your desired facial hair density. We offer facial hair transplant not only in UAE and Abu Dhabi but also people from Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and other Gulf countries are also benefiting from the treatment.

Who is a candidate?

Obviously any man who is struggling to grow a fuller beard or not happy with his beard density! You are a candidate if you are not satisfied with hair density in the sideburns or the entire beard. You can also benefit from surgical beard restoration in case you have lost beard density due to some surgery or trauma. Beard transplant can also be used to modify your beard shape and pattern.

Nevertheless, there are certain prerequisites that you must fulfill to become an ideal beard transplant candidate:

  • Donor hair supply: Hair transplanted in the beard will be taken from your own body, you can’t borrow them. So you must have ample supply of healthy, baldness resistant donor hair
  • Hair Loss must be permanent: You hair loss must be permanent and not caused by skin infections or poor diet.
  • You must have realistic expectations: Hair transplant does help restore a thicker and fuller beard but don’t expect to imitate George Clooney. You must have realistic expectations.

What is the aim of beard transplant?

Like scalp hair transplant surgeries, beard transplantation also aims at enhancing your appearance by:

  • Restoring the thickness and density of your facial hair
  • Enhancing the shape and pattern of your bard
  • Filling up hairless patches in the beard caused by some trauma, disease or surgery

What are the different techniques used for beard transplant?

Three most commonly used hair transplant techniques for beard restoration are:

  • Follicular Unit Transplant: FUT or strip method transplant is used when a large number of grafts are needed to fill notable patches in the beard
  • Follicular Unit Extraction: FUE hair transplant is used to enhance the beard transplant with a touch up session, or when there is a small patch that needs to be covered
  • Stem Cell FUE Transplant: It is the latest hair restoration technique which is fastest among all. It is also known for its scarless nature. If you don’t want to have even a pinhole scar, Stem Cell FUE is the safest bet.

How to prepare for beard transplant?

Like any other surgical procedure, beard restoration in Dubai also needs some pre-op preparation to yield the desired results. These include:

  • Avoiding anti-inflammatory drugs and supplements for at least three weeks before surgery
  • Quitting smoking for 2-3 weeks prior to the transplant
  • Limiting alcohol intake during the last week before beard transplant
  • Avoiding caffeinated drinks and for 3-5 days

How the procedure is performed?

It is a simple outpatient procedure performed with local anesthesia. You will be free to go home immediately after the surgery. Following steps are involved in the surgery:

  • Preparing donor area: The first step will be shaving, cleaning and marking the donor area for graft harvesting
  • Local anesthesia (donor site): Local anesthesia is administered to the donor area to make graft harvesting painless
  • Extracting grafts: Using either of the aforementioned three techniques, the surgeon will harvest grafts for transplantation in the beard
  • Preparing grafts: the harvested grafts, regardless of the technique used, are trimmed carefully under powerful microscopes to obtain grafts of desired size and shape
  • Local anesthesia again (recipient site): the recipient site is numbed with local anesthesia before preparing the sites for graft plantation.
  • Preparing recipient site: the surgeon prepares the recipient area by creating tiny holes at specific angles, taking care of the direction of existing beard hair
  • Graft insertion: prepared grafts are carefully placed in the incisions to add desired volume to the beard and conclude the surgery

What to expect after beard transplant?

It is a simple procedure that does not involve much discomfort and pain. Nevertheless, it is a surgical procedure and you must be prepared for the post-surgical events:

  • Expect to take at 3-5 days off from work after beard hair transplant in Dubai
  • You may experience mild swelling on face after surgery
  • Stay prepared to experience some bearable pain and discomfort post transplant
  • Cold compressions can help relieve swelling and discomfort
  • Crusts or scabs will form around the transplanted hairs. Avoid scratching or picking at the scabs

How to recover well after FUE Hair Transplant?

Here are a few tips that can help speed up recovery after surgery:

  • Keep the transplanted area dry and clean
  • Do not shave beard for at least a couple of weeks after surgery
  • Avoid massaging or scrubbing the transplanted areas for 3-4 weeks at least
  • Blood thinners, smoking and hard drinks remain a big no for at least 10-14 days post transplant
  • Do not expose your face to direct sunlight

Where to get beard hair transplant and How long the results will last?

Like scalp hair transplant in Dubai, hair grown through beard transplant stay with you for the rest of your life. Donor area selection and timing of surgery play a crucial role in determining efficacy and permanency of beard transplant results and only an experienced surgeon can take proper care of these factors. So, be careful when selecting beard transplant surgeon in Dubai.